Home is where we spend most of our time these days. So it is more important than ever that it is a haven in which we can de-stress. If today’s living space must be flexible enough to double as a workspace and a classroom, today’s bathroom must also be a space for pampering, recharging and winding down.

Global bathroom and kitchen brand Grohe has enhanced its products’ retrofit-ability, allowing consumers to swiftly transform their utilitarian bathroom into a sanctuary for much-needed indulgence.

To learn more about this retrofit collection, we chatted with Satoshi Konagai, leader at Grohe’s parent company Lixil Water Technology, Asia Pacific.

Satoshi Konagai

Why does Grohe feel the need to emphasise the retrofitting of its products now?

As the pandemic hit, various lockdown measures restricted movement, which impacted construction and renovation timelines, causing delays and leaving consumers to deal with incomplete projects. As the bathroom and kitchen are crucial, such delays are a significant inconvenience. To address this, we looked at retrofitting our offerings so customers could make necessary updates quickly.

Grohe’s wide selection of award-winning shower, bathroom and kitchen faucets enable the hassle-free, direct replacement of existing fittings qualified plumbers and installers can speedily install.

Our retrofittable products integrate seamlessly into existing plumbing and mounting systems, transforming spaces into their wellness and culinary getaways not just swiftly but in a waste-free manner, too, with minimal renovations necessary.

The Grohe Plus faucet collection features architectural curves.

Which Grohe products are considered retrofittable?

Almost all of them. Grohe bathroom and kitchen products come with retrofittable features and rapid installation systems such as QuickFix Plus, Universal Mounting System and Grohe TileFix for easy integration with existing fixtures.

For example, the award-winning Grohe Rainshower SmartActive Hand Shower’s advanced spray jet technology connects to any standard shower hose via the Universal Mounting System that works with nearly any brand of shower mixer.

Another example is the Rainshower SmartActive Shower Rail that lets consumers install the shower rail without much delay. Precision engineered for speedy installation, the Grohe QuickFix feature ensures the rail fits existing drill holes, and the Grohe TileFix feature adapts to the depth of the tiles.

Grohe’s BauLines collection is a versatile choice for updating bathrooms.

Why should one opt for retrofitting instead of getting a new fitting?

Retrofitting eliminates the need for messy and cumbersome renovation works while adding a touch of luxury.  It is a quick and hassle-free upgrade without much disruption that appeals to consumers who have had to spend more time at home. Many are more motivated to design and transform high-use areas into relaxation spaces to unwind and de-stress.

This push for quick and convenient upgrading influenced Grohe’s newest “It’s in and it’s on” campaign, offering retrofittable products that promote the swift, premium-luxury retrofit transformation of consumers’ bathrooms and kitchens.

The Rainshower 310 Smartactive and Handshower from Grohe’s Modern collection.

The pandemic has changed how people design and reinvent their living spaces. The emphasis on hygiene, personal wellness and sustainability has motivated many to incorporate an at-home spa experience that nurtures their well-being and physical health.

Another is a global trend for excellent health and hygiene assurance. Consumers are willing to invest in products equipped with technological capabilities and systems to improve overall sanitation.

Grohe Zedra kitchen faucets are equipped with laminar spray, SmartControl technology.

Lastly, with greater awareness and knowledge due to the impact of construction on the environment, consumers are learning the importance of sustainable renovations and finding ways to incorporate sustainable practices while upgrading their homes. This includes sourcing sustainable products or carrying out renovation work in the most waste-free and green manner.

This article was originally published in Home&Decor.