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What’s the best way to say ‘sorry’? Singapore power couples share their tips

Enduring love transcends the singular Valentine's Day gesture - and knowing how and when to apologise is part and parcel of a lasting partnership.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, The Peak reaches out to couples amongst its readers to share how they keep the flame going. This year, we ask them about the best way to say the hardest word: “sorry”.

  • Derrick Seeto & Wendi Chan

    Wendi: If I am the one who made the "booboo", I will usually distract the husband by asking him to meet me for lunch or movie etc, then slip in the chance to admit to my mistake and apologize, retracting my comments. I believe that if it's my fault then I should admit to it and I always do it face to face.

    (On forgiveness) I actually have a very short term memory and don't tend to get angry for a long time. I am one of those that will forget by the next morning and always speak to my partner before he speaks to me regardless of who is in the wrong. Lucky him!

    Derrick: I think its a combination of verbal, physical and monetary restitution.  The steps cover but (you're) not limited to them. Saying sorry a thousand times, telling her you're to blame for the mistake,  asking forgiveness and offering a hug or two.