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11 Cool Things to know about Tiger Beer’s New York Pop-Up

The Singapore-based company’s pop-up boasted Asian designs to break out of stereotypical ‘Made in China’ mould.

Homegrown brand Tiger Beer teamed up with agency Marcel Sydney, production company Will O’Rourke and designer James Dive of the Glue Society for a pop-up in New York’s Chinatown from Jun 6 to 9, 2016. Here are 11 interesting facts we learnt from the event that aimed to promote Asian merchantry.

Over 700 The number of Asian artists who represented the store.


(left to right) Pomch, Kllylmrk and Goods of Desire
(left to right) Pomch, Kllylmrk and Goods of Desire (Product photos from the brands)


Douglas Young (Goods of Desire), Felix Tai (Pomch),
Kelly Lim (Kllylrck) and more.



In Time

2 Weeks Time taken to build the store.

12 Hours Queue time at its peak.

60 Minutes And they were sold out.



Chinese shoppers account for
nearly 50%
of the global luxury market.






“To see what real Asian design is, you literally had to walk over what Asian design isn’t.”

Designer James Dive, on displaying cheap Chinatown trinkets in the glass floor.



Paired with Asian cuisine from SG hawker Michael Ker and Thai chef James Syhabout.



Special Entry Pass

Trade in coasters from nearby bars for goods.


“New York has the largest Asian population outside of Asia, but most people here don’t see past the cheap goods in Chinatown. … So we invited them to explore and discover the best in contemporary Asia for themselves and reset their perceptions.”
– Tiger Beer’s global brand ambassador, Mie-Leng Wong.