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4 Christmas gifts for grown-ups who have never grown up

Because Christmas cheer is all about being yourself - even if that means acting your age twenty years ago.

Christmas is a very different time when your age no longer starts with a one – or comprises entirely of a single digit. First off, you’ve known for quite some time that Santa doesn’t exist. Christmas gifts come from somewhere (and you’re now a part of that somewhere). 

The nature of gifts have changed as well. Gone are the days of action figures or board games – crystal decanters, aged bottles of insert-your-favourite-spirit-here or even home appliances are now the name of the game. That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t get something for yourself (or a loved one) that hearkens back to more innocent days.

Sure, maybe you aren’t racing to the Christmas tree and ripping apart the wrapping paper with that same kind of youthful vigour, but then again, there’s no time like the present to get presents that are all about unleashing your inner child. 

  • Lego Colosseum

    The Lego Colosseum

    There’s nothing like reliving hours spent in our youth constructing - and deconstructing - various imaginary structures, characters and stories from a box of Lego blocks. Granted, the Lego Colosseum doesn’t really grant you that kind of freedom. You’ll have plenty to contend with though - over 9,000 pieces, to be exact, recreating an iconic symbol of the Romans’ gladiatorial pursuits in loving detail, accurate inside and out. Think historic archways on the outer facade, to the labyrinthine inner workings of the arena that helped organisers get lions, chariots and gladiators into the Colosseum without having to jostle with the 80,000-strong crowd. In honour of the structure’s once-held record as the largest amphitheatre in the world, the Lego Colosseum is also the biggest Lego set ever - making it a gift that will keep on giving for quite some time.

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