[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]o you’ve been dreaming of a spectacular wedding, the one dressed in the fancy of bright lights and elegant jewels, illuminating from brilliant diamonds cascading down her neck, his wrist, their love. Dazzling jewels radiate from these divine collections by Larry Jewelry, as lovers arrive at the beginning of an everlasting union, from the astonishingly beautiful Lazare Wedding Collection to the elegant RollerGlam ring and earrings.

The sleek and elegant Lazare Wedding Collection, proudly presented by Larry Jewelry, certainly makes a minimalist’s dream, as with the stark beauty of the RollerGlam design, leading with its signature cylindrical tube that enhances the sophistication of an exposed Lazare solitaire. Effortless elegance effervesces from the jewels, whose brilliant Lazare Diamond leads as the clearest star, uninhibited by the distraction of anything else.

From glamorous cocktails to intimate get-togethers, the RollerGlam rings and earrings are an excellent conclusion to one’s outfit. Slip on any piece for a finishing touch, without the overthinking of whether it fits the occasion – the versatile jewels make an enchanting statement even in the simplicity of its elegance, making an effortless transition from day-to-night, graceful and unbothered by the usual overthinking.

Of course, diamonds aren’t quite brilliant on their own, and only shine as beautifully by the hands of the craftsmen who polish it. The Lazare Ideal-Cut is all about drawing out the true beauty of each diamond, cutting each stone with loving detail that it offers itself in its most ideal proportions, radiating with each ray of light and reflecting with its utmost brilliance.

It is time to say ‘I do’, if you haven’t already; pledge your undying commitment with the perfect selection, the boldness of true love and its great commitment, whilst you relish each diamond-encrusted work of art in a promise between two souls.

Known as the World’s Most Beautiful Diamond, The Lazare Diamond has been the Original Ideal Cut Diamond Since 1919, setting the benchmark for diamonds and ways of elegance since almost a century ago. It is from these that one realizes how unforgettable moments need not always be from spectacular gestures and extravagant ways, where simplicity can also prove beautiful, if not even more so.

Indeed, these pieces emphasize on a sweet elegance that could arrive from even the starkness of simplicity, unique like every love and brilliant like the union that is to last forever. A divine amalgamation of two, illuminated by the clean slate of sleek rings and signature earrings – pieces that only emphasize on beautiful moments and an even more beautiful future together.