Audi’s new electric mountain bike is inspired by their e-powered rally off-roader

Photo: Audi

The latest in Audi’s growing electric-powered line-up is an off-roader – with two wheels. Meet the very aptly named Audi electric mountain bike, which is part of the German automotive brand’s effort to offer alternative means of e-mobility.

The automaker designed the mountain e-bike in collaboration with Italian two-wheel specialists Fantic Motor as a spiritual successor to one of their most illustrious off-road rally vehicles: the RS Q e-tron E2, a now-legendary hybrid which rumbled to a pole position in four stages of last year’s Dakar Rally, while also coming out first in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. 

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Audi’s new electric mountain bike
Photo: Audi

Those feats cemented the all-wheel-drive as a breakthrough in Audi’s e-volution – which brings us back to their new lightweight aluminium mountain bike, touted as a great performer with “versatility at its core”.

It’s purported to perform equally well “from touring to endure biking (a style of mountain bike racing)”, with marked strengths in steep downhills thanks to a hefty suspension travel of 180mm, wide wheels and specialised Mavic off-road tyres.

The bike is powered by a 250W Brose S-MAG mid-mount motor and 12-speed mechanical drivetrain, yielding a powerful 90nM of torque and four levels of pedal assists to aid you on steep ascents. According to the brand, this amounts to 25kmh without any additional legwork.

Its Fantic Integra battery boasts a 720wH capacity, though there is no word yet on the exact range of the bike.

Audi’s new electric mountain bike
Photo: Audi

Details are also scant on the bike’s production and availability, though we do know that it will be offered in three sizes to accommodate a range of riders.

If you are interested in getting your hands on one, take note that you’re already able to register your interest on the Audi Genuine Accessorises Catalogue. Just be prepared to fork out a pretty penny to the tune of £8,499 (S$12,216 as of press time). 

Audi UK Andrew Doyle said: “The Audi electric mountain bike in cooperation with Fantic is another fantastic example of how we can expand our mobility offering to customers that extends beyond the award-winning models they drive.”