So genetics has handed you short-lived follicles. Big deal. There’s no reason to let a gleaming pate vex you. Quite the opposite; going full bald is an opportunity to rock a spanking new look that projects self-confidence and takes years off the face.


There’s actual science behind why people take a shine to bald men. Studies from the University of Pennsylvania turned up one integral factor: a clean shave is construed as a non-verbal communication cue that one cannot care less. That’s way more alpha than feeble attempts at a combover, or the use of barely believable toupees. In these same studies, researchers found that participants perceived bald versions of the same person as taller and more dominant. Not buying it? Here are men who exemplify the archetype, along with a particular distinction, and how you can emulate their makeover.




Sit atop a mountain of wealth

Look up pictures of Jeff Bezos before and after he did away with that receding hairline; he goes from benign uncle to a sinister Lex Luthor type. Of course, rocketing up the world’s richest list can’t hurt the image, either. 

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Complement with rippling biceps and expressive eyebrows

No one thinks less of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson after he left the skinhead look behind. The only hair we care about on that head, really, is in his eyebrows. Likewise, Vin Diesel’s gravitas and gravelly rasp is severely undercut in films where he boasts hair. The Fast and Furious star began shaving it all clean from a young age, rather than deal with bald spots.


Turn into a fedora-donning drug lord

Bryan Cranston’s remarkable transformation (from meek teacher to cold-blooded kingpin) in critically-acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad is underpinned by his shaving of the head. The resultant badassery only doubles in scenes where he shows up in a pork pie fedora, which adds a touch of formality and class. Perfect for your charity gala dinners.



Now we just have to wait for LVMH chief Bernard Arnault – who’s taken top spot on that Forbes richest list again – to dispense with his wizened, silvery crop. You heard it here first.

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