bang olufsen beovision harmony audio products

Whether you’re an audiophile or just someone who just loves a good tune (who doesn’t?), we can all agree the ubiquity of music has permeated the life of the modern man. Whether you’re working, in commute or simply unwinding over the weekend in your chaise lounge, with your choice tipple in hand – somewhere in that picture, there’s probably a melody playing in the background.

In the same picture, there’s a piece of technology that’s playing your favourite song. Be it a speaker, a pair of headphones, or a sound system in your car or home. There you’re bobbing your head to the music and mouthing (or even singing) the same familiar lyrics.

Over at B&O, only products that produce the highest quality of sound are manufactured. The Danish brand has built its reputation on audio technology that continues to push the frontiers of musical innovation – all handsomely designed to fit into any household or work environment.

If you want the best combination of good-looking audio equipment that produces high-fidelity music, look no further than these nonpareil B&O products.


1. Beovision Harmony

Beovision Harmony

This first piece is for made for the humble abode. Two crafted oak and aluminium fronts conceal a cutting-edge 77-inch OLED screen from LG. When turned on, the fronts fan open like the wings of a butterfly, unveiling the screen that rises to an optimal height for your viewing pleasure. This same mesmerising sequence is played in reverse when turned off.

The Beovision Harmony was built upon B&O’s historic Capri series – a line of teak-finished televisions that were around during the post-war era. Following in its footsteps, the Beovision Harmony’s design pays homage to its predecessor with an oak finishing for its two fronts. The hidden TV is one of LG’s top-class televisions, boasting brighter pixels that produce remarkable colour, while providing internet streaming options with LG’s webOS4.5 platform – allowing you to watch Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, with the accompaniment of amazing sound quality.


2. Rimowa x B&O Beoplay H9i Headphones

Rimowa x B&O Beoplay H9i headphones

For the ones always on-the-go, B&O has collaborated with premium luggage leader, Rimowa, to yield the offspring of travel and quality audio equipment – the Rimowa x B&O Beoplay H9i headphones. Stored in its own iconic Rimowa aluminium case, these headphones are put together with quality materials such as anodised aluminium and genuine leather. Besides skilled craftsmanship, this limited edition piece comes with wireless technology, active noise cancellation and a touch interface, perfect for the frequent traveller who needs a good music fix.


3. B&O Bronze Collection

Bang & Olufsen Bronze Collection

In the design of their Bronze Collection, B&O masterly marries alluring dark but warm tones to their product line – following the design trend of warm colours and contrasting materials – to bring tasteful aesthetics and dynamic sound to any urban environment. Featuring a curated battery of multi-room wireless speakers, B&O offer powerful acoustics through thoughtful design with this collection. Being multi-room speakers, their presence can fill any space seamlessly with great sound, at the same time not sticking out like an eyesore with its neutral aluminium bronze colour palette – a statement of elegance and timelessness.


4. Lamborghini Urus (ft. B&O sound system)

A lot can be said about the Lamborghini Urus as a car, but we want to highlight its integration of B&O into its sound system. Providing state-of-the-art 3-D sound technology, this system is omnipresent in the car with its 21 speakers, making for a listening experience on the road like no other. Road trips and carpool karaoke will never be the same again.