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Five technologies changing the way we work

From processing data to increasing connectivity, these up-and-coming technologies are distrupting the way work is done.

The future is now! It’s not the world of flying cars and food pills we envisioned, but the technology we have today is not any less inspired — from artificial intelligence that can sieve through tremendous amounts of data with increasing efficiency, to augmented and virtual realities that allow users to walk strange worlds and safely train for dangerous situations. These are the things that will change the way work is done.

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    01 Artificial Intelligence

    The buzz and interest surrounding AI has built up tremendously, as it has the potential to reshape entire businesses and is expected to reach into many aspects of our lives. There are far-reaching uses for AI that will impact the finance and banking sector, self-driving vehicles, news reporting and many other disciplines.

    A large proponent of this change involves businesses that incorporate AI applications into strategic and organisational development. In the age of AI, we are able to sift through large volumes of data within minutes. While the man on the street worries that AI will take over jobs, the reality is that it will help augment those roles, as repetitive tasks can be automated, allowing humans to focus on complex problems.

    An example would be Adext, a platform that automates digital advertising processes, saving businesses hours on mechanical tasks. Industrial use of AI can be seen in General Electric’s efforts to build an AI workforce to monitor aircraft and locomotive engines to predict failure and conduct maintenance work. AI is also being used to keep us safe from cyberattacks. Start-ups such as Darktrace have developed AI that can conduct behavioural analytics to automatically detect abnormal behaviour.


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