Brabus Sports Boat Shadow 900 Black Ops

Designed for the adrenaline-seeking, speed-focused racing junkie, the Brabus Shadow 900 is a pleasure craft that’s unabashedly bold about what it offers. Sheer, unadulterated decadence in an 11.73 meter package.

Its twin 450R Verado XL 4.6 litre V8 Fourstroke engines by Mercury Marine have exceptional power-to-weight ratios, providing ferocious acceleration. With a top speed of 60 knots and a total of 900 horsepower powering the craft, be prepared for blistering speed and wind-whipped hair.

Brabus Sports Boat Shadow 900 Black Ops 2
Complete with intuitive touchscreen controls and navigation system, this is one for sport boat enthusiasts and casual users alike.

The Shadow 900 comes as an open-topped Spyder, or the more comfy Sun-top. There are also a variety of customisable add-ons depending on your needs: pick from a storage locker for water-sports and adventure gear, or a wet bar solution complete with fridge, sink and electric grill.

The luxurious front lounge is accessible through sports car like gullwing doors that double up as skylights. Below decks, the front lounge is swathed in cool grey and black leather with sleeping accommodations for two. If you need more space for guests, you could opt for an aft cabin that’ll fit another pair. It’s also possible to get a fully kitted out media package or navigation set for longer journeys.

Brabus Sports Boat Shadow 900 Black Ops
Comfortable and cosy – a perfect place to rest after the adrenaline-high of cruising through the surf.

The limited edition ‘One of thirty seven’ Black Ops edition boasts a signature gunmetal gray finish with vibrant red Brabus-style exterior seating that is completed by hand: it takes up to six weeks to reach this level of perfection across the fairing, painting and polishing alike.

Brabus Marine touts itself as a showcase of Scandinavian design meeting German engineering, and it shows with this masterpiece of a speedboat. While we can’t take much (or any) pleasure trips anytime soon, this could be something to consider for the future when we can, once again, take to the seas.

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