Most people can’t start their days without a cup of coffee, usually made blearily through a haze of moody drowsiness. British designer Joshua Renouf clearly belongs to this group, because his latest invention will soon make alarm clocks and apps an aggravating thing of the past. Behold the Barisieur: a coffee-making alarm clock that will coax you back to the world of the waking with welcoming aromas and a freshly brewed cup within arm’s reach.

The setup includes everything needed to make one cup of joe. Stainless steel balls help boil water in a flask through induction heating. The water is then transported into a filter before being dispensed into a waiting cup. All you have to do is fill up the dedicated compartments with coffee grounds, sugar, water and milk the night before. The reason it’s not built to hold enough to make say, a week’s worth of coffee, is that Renouf is encouraging users to develop a little ritual before bedtime, which is said to help improve sleep patterns.

There are numerous contraptions that help people get out of bed, including clocks that hide themselves and alarm apps that stop ringing only after a math problem is solved. There’s even a clock that starts cooking a strip of bacon 10 minutes before the preset time. The Barisieur, however, is arguably the most elegant. It is also, unfortunately, not yet commercially available but you can fill out an online form on Renouf’s website to be notified when it hits the market.

And when that time comes, restless sleepers should be careful or one stray swipe will lead to another, much more unpleasant, way to greet the morning.