Nepal’s tapestry of Himalayan traditions has long been eclipsed by the splendour of its mountains, but the new Dwarika’s Resort is set to change that. Situated an hour from Kathmandu in Dhulikhel, the luxury retreat injects local wisdom and philosophy into an experience off the conventional wellness track.

Drawing from ancient Hindu scriptures, Buddhist medicine and Himalayan wisdom, it takes a comprehensive approach to well-being that encompasses spirituality, psychology and even astronomy, and a lot of focus is placed on healing the energetic body.

To facilitate that, the property was built according to Himalayan principles of energy and astrology. Some, like the choice of traditional construction methods and sustainable materials, are woven in subtly; others, like the meditation maze that synergises earthly and spiritual powers to ease mental fatigue distinctly reflects a sense of both place and tradition.

Beyond the usual gamut of yoga, meditation and massages, the menu includes unique treatments like chakra sound therapy in specialised chambers outfitted with light, sound and crystals to rebalance the chakras. “The focus at the resort is the energy within, and treatments centre on clearing blockages that prevent the free flow of energy within our bodies,” says spokesperson Jyoti Upadhyay.

In a market overwhelmed with wellness retreats that offer cookie-cutter treatment plans of yoga and juice cleanses, Dwarika’s stands out for introducing a spiritual dimension to well being.