Taking into consideration the changing seasons and weather can be tiresome for potential home buyers (or builders). But you won’t have to worry about having too little or too much sunlight if you’re living in the Sharifa-ha House in Iran. The Nextoffice architects have engineered the facade rooms to pivot in and out of the house at the push of a button, turning each space into a bright and breezy terrace in the summer, or a closed-off and cosy room when it gets chilly.

As commonly seen in urban areas, the housing plot had a significantly narrow frontage as compared to its length. The architects’ first priority was therefore to turn the “two-dimensional” facade into a three-dimensional one. Creating the pivoting rooms necessitated building foldable handrails, automatically dispatched stairs and safety features to facilitate the rooms’ 90-degree rotation. Each room can move independently of each other, allowing greater customisation for the family.

While homes with such transformative abilities are rare, the pivoting mechanism isn’t new – it is similar to those used in turning theatrical stages and car exhibition floors. The overall design of the house however, has a softer inspiration, and was meant to echo traditional Iranian houses, which usually have different living rooms for winter and summer.

In addition to the transforming spaces, the 15,000sqft home also boasts seven floors, including luxurious facilities like a basement pool, gym and elevator. It’ll be pretty hard to get bored in – or of – this house.