Brompton 20 Years in Asia Gold Edition

After gaining a loyal following in London, Brompton Bicycles made a move towards the Asian market. That was in 1999. Riding on the wave of increased cycling habits to lower carbon emission, the popular folding bicycle has likewise made a name for itself in the Asia Pacific region. It’s been 20 years since then – and they’re celebrating with a special edition golden bicycle.

Symbolising prosperity and good fortune, only 1,000 of the exclusive bike will be launched – 80 of which are for the Singapore market. Each bike comes with an equally exclusive golden toolkit and a customised serial number plate, as well as an owners certificate.

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For the bike itself, the golden lacquered frame contrasts, yet complements striking black gloss components, including the handlebar (that comes in M or H options), stem, seat post and its 16-inch wheels. A premium black leather Brooks B17 saddle is also fitted on this special anniversary piece, making it one for the collectors.

Brompton 20 Years in Asia Gold Edition

Like all other Brompton bikes, the special edition can also be folded to a third of its original size – allowing for 42 of such bicycles to fit into a parking lot. Quality steel tubings make for a sturdy yet lightweight frame, making the bike one of the more portable options at only 11kg. It was for these exact reasons that Brompton bicycles managed to gain the traction it did in over 47 countries, in the Europe and the Asia Pacific.

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Said Will Butler-Adams, chief executive officer of Brompton Bicycle: “Seeing our bike being used and enjoyed in all parts of the world gives us a feeling that we are making a difference and hopefully bringing a bit of happiness, which is something we feel should be celebrated.

“The Gold Edition is our way of commemorating a special occasion and a special relationship. Giving thanks for the past but with a view to the future and many more happy years of Bromptons being used in cities and neighbourhoods all around the Asia Pacific region.”

Available at Brompton.

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