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While the likes of Beethoven’s Sonata No.20 in G Major and Chopin’s Nocturne in E-flat Major have hardly been charting Singapore’s Top 100 on Spotify, there is something to be said about the music of the baroque, classical and romantic eras that are unlike the popular music of our time.    

The pandemic presents us with the opportunity to further support not only our local talents, but also a time to understand these centuries-old works of art.  In contemplating pieces that have captivated generations of listeners with their emotional crescendos and melodic storytelling, we can perhaps glimpse at the similarities in our human experience across time. 

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“Music does a lot for the soul – and especially now” Dank Korenevsky of Fever said in an interview with WTTW11, Chicago’s Public Broadcasting Station.  Fever launched the Candlelight concert series, back before the pandemic hit.  Despite a slowdown due to lockdown, they are back again.  

So far, Fever has done their concert series in cities around the world such as Paris, New York, Sevilla, and 82 others.  And now, these concerts will be held in Singapore.  

From 19 February to 18 June 2021, the Singapore leg of the concert series will feature famous works by renowned composers such as Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi.  With the pieces played by talented local musicians.  


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While the concerts’ location has not yet been disclosed, it will reportedly be held at an iconic building in Singapore.  It will be something a little more unconventional, as opposed to the usual concert venues such as the Esplanade theatres or Marina Bay Sands.  Some venues from other cities include Casa de Salinas in Seville, Spain, Chapelle de la Trinité in Lyon, France and First Congregational Church of LA in Los Angeles, United States of America, just to give a taste of the atmosphere these concerts usually have.    

These unorthodox venues have made for a romantic and immersive environment for audiences to fully sit in the music.  Be enveloped by the contrasting musical imagery of Four Seasons or melancholy tones of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata; and the flickering candlelight no doubt helps to create a mood.  Perhaps even serving to take audiences back to 17th century Venice where Vivaldi played in a time without electric lights.  In the modern era however – for safety reasons – these candles are flameless. 

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Speaking of safety, seats will be appropriately spaced apart and zoned, and ticket validation contactless.  These are among other safety measures taken in light of the pandemic.  

To find out more, tickets are sold here on the Fever website.