1. Four Rivers Floating Eco Lodge, Cambodia


This posh lodge sits on the Tatai river and is surrounded by pristine rainforests. Offering unrivalled exclusivity and tranquility,each of its unique floating villas are constructed from eco-friendly materials, with the use of local wood where possible. There’s also a water treatment system in place.

2. Miniloc Island, El Nido Resorts, Phillipines


Taking vacationers back to the idyllic setting of the Phillipines’ coastal villages, the rustic chic Miniloc Island has 50 rooms that are thatch-roofed and furnished with indigenous Filipino materials. It also observes sustainable practices that include water and energy conservation, waste treatment, as well as the protection and conservation of marine life.

3. Keemala Hotel Phuket, Thailand


Designed to blend in with the beauty of the rainforest, the Keemala is an oasis of 38 splendid pool villas, each with its own waste management system, created from environmentally friendly synthetic materials to reduce the use of natural materials like wood, and deforestation.

4. Club Med Finolhu Villas, Maldives


Surrounded by cerulean waters, incredible shorelines and housing 52 stunning overwater and beach villas, the luxury resort does its part for the environment by using energy-saving construction methods as well as solar-powered energy (90 per cent of the resort’s energy).

5. Nihiwatu, Indonesia


It’s not just one of the few hotels in the world to be run by biofuel, the Indonesian seaside paradise also treats and recycles water as well as carry out animal rescue and tree planting projects. Its rustic villas with thatched roofs (all built with sustainable materials, of course) are nestled amidst nature, and feature posh amenities that’ll satisfy discerning travellers.

Adapted from Silver Kris.