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New designer accessories for your home

Add some flair to your home with everything from a kinetic sculpture to stylish bathroom fixtures.

  • Sandsara

    Art In Motion

Inspired by Samsara, the Sanskrit word for “wandering” or “world”, Sandsara is a kinetic sand sculpture with a metal sphere that traces patterns across a bed of sand to create works of art that change throughout the day.

    It comes with an iOS and Android app, from which you can program the sculpture, choose the patterns, as well as customise your own design. Crafted with solid wood and available in either a circular or star-shaped frame, it imparts a meditative and artistic quality to your space.

    The Sandsara project starts at $8,780 (S$506) on Kickstarter and is due to ship in August 2020.

This article was originally published in Home & Decor.


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