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Designer furniture: make a statement with these pieces for the home or office

These eye-catching pieces inject personality into any space.

When it comes to your personal abode, furniture can say a lot about the homeowner. You don’t have to cram your space with many things, but it’s important to make sure that what you have is well-designed and of good quality – one expensive, well-made piece can make a lot of difference to a living room or a dining room. Whether you like sleek minimalism, quirky whimsy or chic individuality, here are eight conversation-starters for your home.

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  • Achelous Beanbag

    Achelous Bean Bag 

    Inject personality into your living space with a versatile bean bag by Forty Two. Not only is the bean bag generously padded, it also has a soft fabric which produces a gentle hollow in its surface, inviting you to lie around and chill at home with a book or to watch TV. It comes in two colours: Cloud Grey and Charcoal Black, both neutral colours that would fit into any home décor or colour scheme.

    Forty Two is at Block 1 #05-01 5 Toh Guan Road East Tel: 6777-7667.

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