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Object of Desire: Hastens’ Grand Vididus Mattress

Swedish luxury hand-crafted bed artisans with six generations of heritage bring to you their magnum opus: the Grand Vividus.

Established in 1852, Hastens has remained devoted to their craft of making the best beds possible – though they’ve also served as royal saddle-makers. With today’s increasingly frenetic and stressful world, quality sleep is paramount. Hastens’ combination of hand-crafted bedding, skilful use of natural fibres and dedicated artisans are what have allowed their luxury beds to stand the test of time.

The Grand Vividus mattress is a result of a collaboration with master designer Ferris Rafauli, who is well-versed with the world of ultra-luxury homes and lifestyle accessories including furniture, drapery and bedding.

OOD Luxury Bed Hastens 2

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Both Hastens and Ferris Rafauli cater to the discerning luxury crowd: those who aren’t only looking for supreme comfort and craftsmanship, but a provenance that is well-storied and product that puts them at the forefront of the lifestyle race.

The Grand Vividus delivers, and delivers well. The bed is upholstered by hand, bearing Hastens’ century-old horse insignia and made out of 100 per cent breathable cotton. Every mattress is stuffed with horsehair, crowned by the Swedish artisans as a natural micro-spring and ventilation wonder material as well as wool, cotton and flax.

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Everything, down to the opulent shagreen leather adorning the corners and decorative handles of the bed, to golden brass details that are a call-back to the Swedish brand’s saddle-making days, exude class and craftsmanship.

OOD Luxury Bed Hastens 1

The luxe European leather details are naturally tanned with edges burnished for a silky-smooth finish – and of course, every stitch and weave on the oeuvre has been placed there by a master artisan, who take over 600 hours to assemble each base and mattress.

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The bed is available in four variants – black, charcoal, shale and blue, for a cool US$390,000 (S$550,000), with a waiting list having already formed for the New York and Los Angeles stores according to reporting by Forbes. Indeed, the first one to get his hands on it was rap superstar Drake, who revealed to Architectural Digest that sleeping on it feels like floating.

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