[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]ampling expensive wine or food is commonplace among individuals with high spending power, but what about other luxuries? Now, with this new club membership, you can taste-test supercars for a starting fee of just $12,000.

Motorcar dealer Eurosports Global, which distributes Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo, recently launched its new wing Ultimate Drive on May 24, which includes the Ultimate Drive Club (UD Club), Singapore’s first luxury car-sharing club. It takes inspiration from Europe where exclusive car sharing clubs are popular – members pay for points in one to three year memberships, which can be redeemed for drives of up to 12 hours at a time. Ultimate Drive currently boasts a fleet of 6 super cars: Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Ferrari California, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Porsche 911 and McLaren MP4-12c, with plans to expand to at least 15 in the works.

Eurosports Global director Alvin Goh says the venture allows the company “to go beyond the auto distribution business”. “We think we can bring down the cost of enjoying sports cars,” he says: “It is actually the smart way of owning cars.”

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Membership fees go up to about $36,000 for 66,000 points – a small amount compared to purchasing a new Lamborghini Huracan, which depreciates at $75,000 a year.

So what do you get for the minimum $12,000? 20,000 points to be used throughout the year. The amount of points deducted at one time, however, depends on the car model. For example, you could redeem 33 12-hour slots with the Porsche 911, or seven slots with the Huracan plus one slot with the Ghost. Or you can spread your points across the entire range of cars.

With only four members at the present, the fleet will spend most of its time at base, but Goh does not expect lack of availability to pose a problem – even when the club reaches the maximum of 500 members. “Of course, if it’s Valentine’s Day or Christmas, demand will be high,” he says: “But we don’t think it will be an issue. After all, if you book a Huracan, you can book it for eight times a year only.”

However, he notes that members are “encouraged to make advanced bookings” of up to three months in advance.

Ultimate Drive is located in at Marina Bay Sands and at the Singapore Flyer, a five-minute (or less) drive away from some of the roads making up the F1 Night Race circuit. With your pick of six sportscars, you could almost imagine driving on the track itself. www.ultimatedrive.com

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Adapted from the Straits Times.