Imagine the freedom of arriving at the airport with nothing but your coat and passport, or jetting from one meeting to another without having to stop by your hotel to pick up the luggage, or worrying about changes in the climate. For a fee, travel valet business Dufl can store your clothes at its facility, let you select what you want for every trip, then send the package to your destination before you arrive and collect it before you leave. Here’s how it works.

01 Download
The Dufl app is available only on Apple’s App Store at the moment. Create an account and wait for Dufl to send you a special suitcase.

02 ‘Pack’
Fill the suitcase with winter and summer clothes you frequently wear on travels. Don’t worry about being neat, as the whole point of this service is to help you avoid this laborious activity.

03 Storage

Dufl will pick up the suitcase via Fedex (with whom it has a partnership) and it will inventory, photograph and store your clothes for the next trip you go on.

04 Travel

Before your trip, use the app to access your “virtual closet” and select the items you would like to take with you. Dufl will pack everything with military precision and send it to your designated address before you get there.

05 Return
When you’re ready to leave for your next destination, send the suitcase filled with your laundry back to Dufl via Fedex, and it will take care of the washing and dry-cleaning.

* Pay
It costs US$9.95 (S$13.50) a month for a virtual closet, and US$99 for every round trip. While you can swop clothes in and out of your closet at no extra charge, they’re meant to stay at the Dufl facility, so you may want to buy some duplicates.