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First Look: The open top LaFerrari, To Be Unveiled at Paris International Motor Show

The second in Ferrari’s LaFerrari series offers two types of removable tops while sporting the same running gear and performance figures as the first.


Italian luxury car manufacturer Ferrari has unveiled the first images of the open top LaFerrari, nearly three months before the launch during the Paris International Motor Show in October, 2016. The second in the LaFerrari series, it allows for both the carbon-fibre hard top and soft top to be removed, while boasting the same specifications as the original – as the first ever production car to be equipped with the F1-derived hybrid solution, the car combines a 800 cv V12 engine (with a specific power output of 128 cv/l) with a 120 kW electric motor (163 cv).

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All available open top LaFerraris have already been spoken for. For more information, visit