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Apartment bathed in gold, for flamboyant director of Royal Circus of Russia

Bold, wild and intense, the home is a combination of luxury and art that is befitting of a homeowner passionate about showbiz.

You may have visited a circus show before, but have you ever stepped into the home of a circus director? This apartment with its resplendent and extravagant style belongs to the director of the Royal Circus of Russia, Giya Eradze. The designer, Tatyana Myronova, is an expert in fashioning an American Neoclassical style for luxury homes and she gamely took on the challenge of creating a home bursting with a personality that mirrors the flamboyance of the owner.


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One of the things that hits you when you step into the apartment is the owner’s ardent love affair with the colour gold. Gold accessories, trimmings and furnishings, in bold and exotic styles, characterise every space. The design calls upon circus references (such as animals), Versace pieces (Eradze is a fan of the brand), and tropical elements, which surprisingly harmonise together to create a luxurious home for a man whose passion is entertainment.


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Boca do Lobo’s pieces feature in this home, and one of the furniture items that deserves mention is its unique artisanal armchair, Imperfectio (above). The irregularities and flaws over the manual hammered brass exposes the beauty of imperfection, yet the look is rich and ornate.


Eradze describes his apartment as bold, wild, royal. He isn’t far off; consider the different spaces in his home – a bathroom inspired by ancient Greece. In addition, the ceiling of the home is made to represent the African savannahs. All in all, the apartment gives a sense that one is not quite grounded in reality, but pleasantly ensconced in a strange world that has fused a circus aesthetic with luxury and art, with a generous sprinkling of different cultural elements.


If the goal was to make the eccentric Eradze feel like he’s in his private circus, I daresay the apartment is a masterpiece.


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