[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]here are certainly more fun ways to spend our money than on office desks and chairs, but thanks to great design aesthetics, even the most mundane of things – like standing tables – can be elevated to new levels. (This pun was not, in fact, intended.)

Herman Miller has just introduced Augment, a height-adjustable modular system that allows you to sit or stand as you work. The desks are thoughtfully designed in linear, corner or 120-degree modules, allowing them to fit into free-standing or cluster configurations. Choose between two types of height-adjustment options: electric or crank. The former is fitted with an “Intelligent Control” sensor which detects movement and objects above or below the table, so that the desk transitions smoothly as you sit or stand. An anti-collision chip ensures that the table won’t be banging into any body parts.

Since remaining in any one position for extended periods of time is associated with negative health effects, Augment has the potential to improve our well-being as we work. The use of a standing table could reduce sitting time by up to 60 per cent – a significant chunk, considering that we work an average of eight hours a day.

The takeaway from this story is that you should save your sedentary lifestyle for the designer couch in your living room. From nine to five, you’ve got to spend at least half that time standing at attention. You are, after all, supposed to be working hard.