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Home fragrances: Get your living space smelling like roses – or vegetables

Candles and diffusers to in exotic scents to perfume the air at home.

The Danes consistently top global happiness indexes. Denmark is also the biggest consumer of candles, with each Dane burning through about 6kg of candle wax each year, according to the European Candle Association. Coincidence? Maybe. But with the lovely scents and warm glow they radiate, scented candles are certainly one way to bring more hygge – a Danish term referring to a sense of cosiness and comfort – into a home. Not a bad thing, especially now that we’re spending more time in our abodes. Here’s what’s been perfuming the air around us.

  • Home fragrance loewe

    Loewe Home Scents

    We’re not surprised to hear that the Loewe boutique at Paragon is unable to keep its recently introduced home scents in stock. Reflecting the brand’s quirky and artsy DNA, the 11 created by Loewe’s in-house perfumer Nuria Cruelles are inspired by a vegetable garden. It’s not just the verdant scents, which include unusual notes such as Tomato Leaves, Ivy and Luscious Pea, that make an impression. The range’s artsy touches include the brightly coloured terracotta pots holding the candles; some people choose the candles based on container colour, rather than how they smell. Either way, they’ll improve your living space.


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