Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill: April 26 marks the end of official mandates that workers need not be in office. Which means, apart from a lucky few, most of us can expect to be back in the building some part of the week. If you’re going to have multiple work desks, why not make them good looking? As a bonus, these three picks add a quirky touch to all those Zoom calls.

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The Market Series B by August & Wonder

Photo: The Market

This finance-y flex supplies information by the minute: pick from 11 global stock market indices and five major cryptocurrencies. The tipping of the scales doesn’t just paint the market in broad strokes – there’s a precise graph, viewable through magnifying lens, that indicates how far the market has moved. Fashioned from New Guinea rosewood, with cast metal details in zinc, copper and brass, its Series A launch is sold out, so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Series B.

Available from August & Wonder

The Moon by Levimoon

Photo: Levimoon

Originally a Kickstarter project in 2015, this levitating moon lamp by Levimoon is a neat bit of kit. A spherical, 3D-printed model of the moon that floats and spins unceasingly thanks to the power of magnetism. It’s suspended over a wireless charging pad ensconced in high-quality walnut wood. Be careful not to knock it over.

Available from Levimoon.

Retio stereo by Retio

Photo: Retio

Two friends meet and decide to plonk a vintage radio down beside a Nixie clock. That’s the story behind Retio, a San Francisco-based company that sells just one product – nostalgia, distilled into a retro radio, speaker and desk clock combo. (By the way, Nixie tubes are an early form of displaying numbers ‘digitally’.) Every stereo comes with customisable wooden finishes like walnut or zebrawood, and options for feet – wood or brass – for a stunning retro aesthetic. 

Available from Retio.