Jupe is a high-design prefab shelter company that wears its inspirations on its sleeves – it’s highly functional thanks to a combination of stellar engineering knowhow and convenience-first design choices, yes, but it’s also inspired by none other than Kubrick’s opus, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The company is headed by co-founder and CEO of Jupe entrepreneur Jeff Wilson. He’s employed the minds of former Spacex, Tesla and Airbnb staff to engineer modern, comfy and durable prefab shelters.

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The Jupe flat-pack prefab shelter is all sharp corners and angles, with illuminated and interconnected aluminium masts making up the skeleton of the structure. It’s also designed for effortless assembly, which makes setting up your shelter simple and intuitive. It goes up, or down, in a matter of hours, leaving nary a footprint on your campsite. 

More than that, it’s designed with comfort in mind. Its fire-resistant canvas skin and Baltic birch wood flooring makes for a homely, yet elegant, touch. There’s more than enough elbow room to go around – the ceiling is just over 3 metres tall, and the Jupe easily fits a queen-sized bed (that comes with the package), a designer desk, chair and ottoman. 

The angular shape of the Jupe hearkens to interstellar shuttles that’ve graced the silver screen for decades. It’s a minimalist aesthetic through-and-through, though they’ve also managed to fit in side windows for cross ventilation and a front-facing facade capable of transforming into a panoramic window – perfect for surveying the galaxy beyond. 

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Naturally, it wouldn’t be all that futuristic if you need to lug along a diesel generator of your own. The Jupe comes with a solar panel, battery system and even a Wifi router. Dimmable lighting lets you set the mood, and add-ons like a Sonos Move speaker, a safe and a cooler are available as well. 

In all, it’s a shelter that lets you escape the hustle and bustle of city life without leaving comforts behind. More than that, it’s very pretty, which makes for a bold statement at the getaway locale of your choice.  

“Experiencing the natural wonders of the world shouldn’t mean being forced to disconnect while staying in a less-than-inspirational living space,” said Wilson.

The flat-pack startup has previously used their designs for something a little more practical – by creating a triad of flat-packed care facilities capable of housing patients and medical personnel alike in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The design was primarily to ease the burden of overcrowded hospital facilities, while giving frontliners a safe and convenient space to recharge between shifts. 

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Photos: Sam Gezari