We might’ve just battled our way through Singapore’s hottest day in May on record and the muggy weather looks set to continue throughout the month . With climate change and Singapore’s continued urban development – meaning our increasingly dense island essentially becomes a massive heat sink during the day – we need to think of new ways to beat the heat. Whether that be lying on your bed, on the move or hosting boozy tête-à-tête on your porch, here’s the gadgets you’ll need to stay cool in the blistering heat. 

1. Zero Breeze Mark 2 Portable Cooler

 Zero Breeze Mark 2 Portable Cooler

Even if your home is entirely air-conditioned, there are a couple of spots that would not be covered. For example, the covered outdoor porch, where your kids insist on “camping” in a tent  despite having a perfectly good bed. Enter the Zero Breeze Mark 2, a portable cooler that has a built-in battery that lasts around three to five hours and can run without any extra coolant or water.  

Available from Zero Breeze.

2. Chiliblanket by Chilisleep

Chiliblanket by Chilisleep

Despite the heat, not all of us are accustomed to sleeping in an air-conditioned room. But that doesn’t mean you have to be resigned to your sweaty fate. Chilisleep’s chiliblanket offers the security of a weighted duvet sans the stifling heat with its water-cooled pipe network. You can even select the temperature you’d like – a warm blanket is an option too, should mother nature change her mind.

Available from Chilisleep.

3. Wine and Beverage Cooler by Lanbo

Wine and Beverage Cooler by Lanbo

A massive freestanding refrigerator that cools up to 70 cans and 33 bottles of vino is perfect for hosting your cooling-off parties. The dual-door system separates wine and beer into their own zones – each with a distinct temperature and controllable via exterior digital panel. What’s left to do is picking out the perfectly-cool beer during a searing hot afternoon for an early happy hour.

Available from Lanbo.

4. M30 Hopper Soft Cooler by Yeti

M30 Hopper Soft Cooler by Yeti

But what if you’ve got to keep your IPAs ice-cold when you’re out and about? The Yeti M30 Hopper Soft Cooler, recently updated with new colours and stronger magnets, safely fits 26 cans of beer and ice in a hardy, easy-to-carry bag. It’s extra-wide mouth also helps with loading and unloading too – so you can potentially keep oysters or lobsters nice and chilled while driving to a barbeque across the island.

Available from Yeti.

5. Sport Vest by Glacier Tek

Sport Vest by Glacier Tek

Our most extreme gadget on the list is exactly what it sounds like: a vest that can be worn over your shirt, stuffed with ‘rechargeable’ cooling packs that literally cool you off as you work. Probably a tad unnecessary if you’re a desk jockey – but something to consider should temperature spike. Recharging the packs is as easy as throwing it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Available from Glacier Tek.

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