After living in Singapore for over 30 years, the owners of an apartment at TwentyOne Angullia Park desired a home that could showcase the unique furniture and art pieces they had amassed over time. For interior design firm Designed Design Associates (DDA), unifying the aesthetic of the home became a top priority. “Our challenge was to blend furniture from both East and West, coupled with some new modern collections to create a new and refreshing look,” says Joann Ang, design director of Designed Design Associates.

Given that DDA had already worked with the apartment owners – a retired Australian couple – on other properties over the past 20 years, Ang was already familiar with the owners’ rich inventory of furniture. When designing the TwentyOne Angullia Park apartment, Ang and her team referenced key furniture pieces before building up around them. Take for example a dining table and antique display shelving that had been with the owners ever since the day they purchased their first home in Singapore. “We gave the entire setting a new look by customising a beautiful pendant light – customised and handcrafted by a local lighting designer – to complement the configuration,” says Ang.

Allowing natural light to brighten up the space was also a key consideration. In contrast to landed property, window access for condominium units tend to be limited to a few exterior walls. As such, DDA worked within the existing constraints of the apartment layout to introduce as much light as possible into the space. Drawing up a shallow living and dining area, for example, helped to maximise the spatial reach of the adjacent glass windows.

Below, a tour of the apartment at TwentyOne Anguillia Park:

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