[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]hey have lines that can slice through air with ease. A team of 217 horses under the hood pushes the Passat Exclusiveline to sprint from 0 to 100kmh in 6.7 seconds. The Arteon has 276 of these beasts and does the job in just 5.6 seconds. With top speeds of 246kmh and 250kmh, respectively, the cars pack enough power to satisfy the petrolhead who craves a bit of a spin, and then some.

Passat Exclusiveline

Both cars radiate an unmistakable presence with their sporty, elegant lines. The Passat, with air intakes placed towards the outside and a high-sheen chrome radiator grille at the front, exudes a broad and powerful look. Meanwhile, a long, lowered bonnet, short overhangs and long wheelbase combine to give the vehicle a stylish elegance.


The Arteon sits even lower and its elongated contours and similar long wheelbase make for a distinctive profile and hints at the abundance of space inside the cabin. The wrap-around bonnet and frameless side windows are especially eye-catching, as they paint a picture of an adventurous gran turismo.

But both are more than just powerful automobiles. They are Volkswagen’s answer to a road vehicle that is at once sporty and comfortable inside, with ample space to seat five when its time to take the family on the road.


Reliable drive

The Passat is a reliable partner when driving on the expressway and busy city streets. It also has an Automatic Post-collision Braking System that initiates braking on impact to avoid further collisions. And on longer journeys its Fatigue Detection System will recommend a rest stop when tiredness set in.

Meanwhile, the Arteon is equipped with radar sensors that warn drivers of the presence of traffic in his blind spots and when he is reversing out of a parking spot. If necessary, the car automatically activates the brakes to prevent a collision.

On the move, the Arteon is able to present key driving information like speed, assistance systems as well as warning and navigation information directly in the driver’s field of vision via the Head-up Display. It also tracks the road ahead and at speeds of 50kmh, can be brought to a complete stop when a pedestrian or another vehicle suddenly gets in its way.


Entertaining, Powerful Ride

Both the Passat and Arteon are made for the executive on the go. They are endowed with innovative technologies including the latest infotainment system to entertain their occupants. And with the App-Connect feature, drivers have easy access to their favourite smartphone apps that are displayed on a touchscreen infotainment system.

With at least three driving modes – Comfort, Normal and Sport – and an individualised profile, and powered by VW’s TSI turbocharged engines the Passat and Arteon are exceptional in their class. They are perfect fits for the sophisticated executive with high expectations for him and his family.


Selected specifications Passat Exclusiveline Arteon
Length/width/height mm 4,767/1,832/1,456 4,862/1,871/1,450
Engine TSI petrol engine, turbo TSI petrol engine, turbo
Capacity L/cc 2.0/1,984 2.0/1,984
Power BHP 217 276
Torque Nm/rpm 350/1,500-4,400 350/1,700-5,600
Top speed km/h 246 250


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