Noesa cleanser and double moisturiser.

For many men (and probably some women), skincare tends to be an optional endeavour and at the bottom of a long list of priorities that includes exhausting work and sleep. That was the case for me growing up, and my lackadaisical grooming regime left me with horrible acne during my teenage years.

Like unwanted souvenirs, the pockmarks remind me constantly of their presence. Of course, I started taking better care of my skin in my 20s and 30s and forced myself to cleanse and moisturise – no matter how tired I am and how late at night it is.

As for those scars, I’d resigned myself to the belief that it was impossible to remove them without multiple, painful laser sessions.

And then Noesa appeared and had me intrigued by its value proposition. From Berlin, Germany, Noesa blends technology, cutting-edge research and natural ingredients to create its products. It also brands itself as cell care as opposed to skincare because instead of working on the surface, Noesa promises to work under the skin and at the cellular level.

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This process is the brainchild of its founder, futurologist Gerd Gerken and his team of scientists who have concluded that cell rejuvenation leads to beautiful skin. Gerken’s technology borders on science fiction. His team treks in the Southern French Alps to pick plants growing at 1,000m above sea level because of their proximity to the sun. According to the brand, these plants demonstrate strong photosynthesis, which means they store more biophotons.

Gerken extracts these biophotons through an exclusive distillation process and turns the by-product into a substance he calls “alchemetics” that is transported to skin cells via a patented technology called Danadem.

What caught my attention was Noesa’s promise of skin renewal. For most, that would mean looking younger and more vibrant. I was more interested in the prospect that my acne scars could eventually fade with time and disciplined cell care.

Given my busy schedule, Noesa sent a package containing its cleansing milk and double moisturiser. Unlike other cleansers, Noesa’s mild product has to be applied on dry skin before being washed off with a moist cloth. Its double moisturiser is suitable for acne-prone skin and solves the skin problems brought about by Singapore’s combination of indoor air-conditioning with outdoor humidity: an oily T-zone and dry cheeks.

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I religiously used both products daily for a month and noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s condition. It’s become less oily and dewier, and my acne scars seem less prominent. My friends asked if I had done something to my skin – such is the improvement.

Noesa’s products are not magical salves. You will still need to make sure you drink plenty of water and sleep well. In a landscape inundated with many options and potions promising so much but achieving very little, Noesa is a beacon of light from up high in the French Alps.