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Madonna keeps shocking fans at her Rebel Heart Tour in Singapore 

At 57, the mother of four continues to up the ante with her no-holds-barred antics.

Starting an hour late after the stipulated time, American singer Madonna descended on stage in a cage, with visuals of crucifixes flashing rapidly on screen with the song “B-tch, I’m Madonna”, and quickly got screaming fans to their feet.

Yes, Queen Madge has finally made her entrance, no holds-barred. It’s her first time in sweltering Singapore, and she complained about the heat: “Are you sweating as I am?” This, after she wiped both her pits with her dancer’s shirt and threw it into the crowd.

Madonna is crass, outspoken and she means business.

Madonna Rebel Heart Singapore 2

To push the envelope further, while the song ‘Sex’ is played, her dancers performed graphically simulated sex acts on stage ala Broadway style, and the movements were almost-theatrical, thus silencing the whole stadium down. Did I hear gasps? No. But I did see lots of fixated gazes. This is just the tip of the shock value iceberg and we’re in it for more.

To slow things down, Madonna threw in her 80s’ hits ‘True Blue’ and ‘Lucky Star’ and mixed them up with some hip-hop remixes to get the crowd pumping. That drew the loudest roar resonating throughout the stadium – if you take a quick look around, most of her fans have stuck out as long as she has; that’s the amazing pop power she’s garnered over the years. Sure she hasn’t had any new Top 100 hits since 2008 for ‘4 Minutes’ but she sure has more top 10 hits than any other artists in the history of Billboard charts. So while it’s safe to say it is hard to go head-to-head with hot, now artists like Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, it’s undisputed who reigns the supreme chart of biggest hits (so far).

While she kept to certain shocking elements, Madge also made it a point to comply with MDA and she didn’t perform ‘Holy Water’, ‘Devil Play’ and ‘Iconic’ as part of the show. Self-censorship to keep fans happy the show has to go on? Sure, but she isn’t going to tone down her shock value either. She’s known to push the envelope as a form of performance and people will choose to be offended by it – or not.

Madonna Rebel Heart Singapore 1

Soaking in the energy resonating in the stadium, the Queen begins to swear. Profusely. And accepts no apology for that. If there’s one thing you can learn from her, is learning how to cuss properly. The mother of four then proceeded to teach the crowd how to enunciate: “Uno, dos, tres, catch Motherf-!”

Clearly, Madonna has a lot of wisdom to disseminate and she does it with much thought process, some truth we ALL can learn from: “Sometimes you need a drink, so you can think, cheers everybody!” Cue: Friday team drinks. She sipped from a glass and went on to sing ‘Crazy For You’ a 1985 soundtrack hit to the movie ‘Vision Quest’.

So far Madonna has cursed, drank and pranced wildly on stage. But what intrigued us is the nougats of liners she shared, like when she witnessed a wedding photoshoot at Capella, to which she boldly screamed, “No don’t get married! I’ve been married twice and it didn’t go so well.”

Two hours was up and it was nearing to closing time and after all the life lessons she’s taken us through, plus interesting anecdotes that will stay in our minds for a while, Madge sealed the night with encore song ‘Holiday’. Overall verdict: it was enjoyable, a tad short, and Madonna being Madonna – cursing was a prerequisite to the M18 rating show together with a topless flapper model and shocking elements throughout the show. She is after all, not sorry b-tches!

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