[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]rench luxury candle makers Diptyque has finally set up a roost of its own in Singapore. If the tasteful combination of wood, brass and lush green framing the cosy 423 sq ft boutique doesn’t invite you in, surely the heady scents wafting from the warmly slit interior will.

Here, live plants surround the plethora of products. There are bell jars that, when upturned, disburse whiffs of Diptyque perfume – the brand’s been making those for 50 years. Its candles are poured by hand in Paris, via an arduous 12-step process, with a wax formula tailored to match each specific blend. And for these, rare implements like snuffers and wick trimmers are available. Even the wrapping process is elaborate. The space is neat, comely and well-thought out – and a great pit-stop for last-minute gifting, should the situation call for it.

#B1-33A, Ngee Ann City.