The National Arts Council’s (NAC’s) ongoing #SGCultureAnywhere campaign has been continually bringing together the best of local arts to viewers at home via the A-List.Sg website. To date, its effort has been truly all-encompassing – offering links to virtual concerts; full productions by theatre companies such as The Necessary Stage, W!ld Rice and Nine Years Theatre; art exhibitions and poetry performances, among other showcases.

Its latest online offering is titled From The Living Room, a month-long series that follows 30 Singaporean artists in the local music and dance scenes. This refreshing programme brings performers from their homes directly to viewers in theirs, allowing viewers to enjoy intimate performances, engage with them and discover insights about their craft.

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The hosted sessions take place every weeknight at 8pm and will go on till June 20. The performers so far have included instrumental band The Lorong Boys, movement artist Ruby Jayaseelan, and Indian classical and contemporary dancer Sufri Juwahir, among other artists, who span a whole gamut of performance arts. To top it off, well-known hosts who are established in their fields take the lead in these homey sessions, such as theatre veterans Janice Koh and Pamela Oei and actor Benjamin Chow.

This series is produced by industry veterans Adrian Chiang (music director, conductor and producer), Andy Chia (artistic director of SAtheCollective), and Zhuo Zihao (associate artist at T.H.E Dance Company and co-founder of Dance In Situ). To view, simply visit NAC’s Facebook page, where the series is streamed.

For the week of May 25, viewers can expect the following performances:

Monday, May 25

Contemporary Dance

Hwa Wei-An presents an improvised demonstration of The Art of Falling. The movement practice starts functional, with ideas on how to fall well, as Wei-An moves in and out of dance; before presenting a method of creating movement that is exciting to watch.

Tuesday, May 26

Ethnic/Fusion Music

Catch Sri Mahligai as they revisit their groundbreaking originals in a special stripped-down showcase. Their innovative music is a departure from conventions, blended with a uniquely Singaporean taste that has defined the identity of Malay folk music in early 2000, and kickstarted a whole movement for the new generation.

Wednesday, May 27

Contemporary Dance

Inspired by the biblical text Psalm 19, Leia Ang and Wayne Ong dive into a physical exploration of three aspects: Celebration of the Awe of Creation, Celebration of Instruction, and Meditative Plea. They demonstrate how faith overflows into all aspects of their lives, their bodies a vessel through which inspiration flows.

Thursday, May 28

Ethnic/Fusion Music

Enjoy a musical dialogue between instruments of the East and the West. Brought to you by tabla player Govin Tan alongside master violinist Kailin Yong, the pair will present exciting new works and original compositions as they break ground in the field of ethnic and fusion music.

Friday, May 29

Classical Music

In Music for a(n Absurd) While, adap:chee (Jingyun Ng, Samuel Ng and Xie Zhizhong) navigates the process of living through this uncanny period. Isolation breaks the normalcy of life, forcing our work and social lives to coalesce with home. We confront and adapt to new performance practices, exploring solace in the solitude of home-quarantine, yet also the frustration that comes with it. Absurdity is reflected in songs by Surrealist composers, while music closer to home is presented through Schubert, Purcell and Korngold.