[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]lanked by mountains, the undespoiled crescent of sand that is Malibu’s Carbon Beach also goes by another name – “Billionaire’s Beach”.  After all, it used to be almost inaccessible to all but the wealthy owners of estates adjacent to the coast, who fancied it as their private backyard. The beachfront properties command upwards of S$270,000 per square foot, and the neighbourhood counts Hollywood celebrities and billionaire moguls among its denizens.

For the average millionaire who isn’t about to scuttle a trust fund for a bargeload of sand, however, there’s an elegant, delicious and, may we say, prudent alternative for reserving your spot on billionaire turf. Revered chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s fourth hotel establishment, the Nobu Ryokan Malibu, opens tomorrow, Apr 28, and it’s bringing a Japanese touch in the form of 16 ryokan-styled rooms.

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Expect the muted and calming tones of teak and walnut, gorgeous sunsets, and a queue jump for guests who wish to dine at the nearby Nobu Malibu restaurant. No two rooms are the same, so repeat visits won’t get stale. At least once, be sure to opt for one with a handcrafted teak tub so you can soak off the day’s weariness while under the Californian sky.

Sit and scrub – indubitably Japanese.