Oakley's Overthetop Precious Mettle Sunglasses

Oakley’s striking and progressive design returns for Overthetop’s 20th anniversary in a “Precious Mettle” colour option, two decades after the design’s debut at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

The iconic eyewear was first donned by four-time Olympic medal winner, Ato Boldon, at the men’s 100-meter event in said Olympics.  The distinct image of Bolden with the bold glasses certainly made headlines during the 2000 Olympics, where the frames received praise for its outlandish, yet undeniably impressive design.   As a call-back to this famous eyepiece, Oakley is back again this year with Overthetop sunglasses made from the same mold as the original version, but this time with a fresh design.

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Much like the tag-line “Designed for the future.  Delivered to the present.” suggests, these sunglasses seem like they belong in Mad Max or a Marvel movie.  Yet in its streamlined and ergonomic construction, these glasses prove to be both stylish and practical.  Overthetop’s shape is optimized for comfort, sitting over one’s head much like a helmet, rather than having the usual arms by the sides supported by one’s ears.

Additional improvements include the frame being made with Oakley’s lightweight and durable O Matter material, and colour-contrasting Oakley’s Prizm lens technology.  As a tribute to what would have been the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, the glasses have been given a unique gradient finish of aged gold, silver, and ending in bronze from back to front – evoking the spirit of the medals that would have been won from the mettle of the Olympic athletes.

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To stamp the rarity and importance of these symbols of triumph, there are only 20 of these Limited Edition sunglasses made, each with its own serial number.  These are going to be the last few frames made by this specific cast, setting their place in history, much like the dedicated sportsmen they are inspired by.

These US$2000 (S$2340) glasses sold out within roughly a week of their launch on 7 August 2020, but when has that ever stopped the resourceful collector?