The Aurora by iFi

Satisfy your inner audiophile and aesthete to the fullest with The Aurora – iFi Audio’s latest analogue music system that boldly promises to sound as good as it looks no matter where you place it.

Designed by iFi’s French creative director Julien Haziza, the music system’s distinctive style draws from Japanese industrial designers Shigeru Ban and Tadao Ando, as well as the Ometosando and Harajuku districts in Tokyo. Clad in bamboo, the Aurora exudes rectilinear Japanese architecture – a far cry from the matte black, sleek lines, and curved surfaces of your typical wireless music system.

The Aurora 2

It also stands out from the crowd with its high tonal fidelity. Firstly, the Aurora uses analogue signal processing to ensure lossless sound transfer; the sound is then passed through a proprietary multistage amplification system dubbed PureEmotion. All this to ensure that any music from the Aurora sounds exactly as it should.

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The music system adjusts itself with its Auto Room Tailoring function to deliver voluminous sound in your lounge, patio or living room. No fiddling with the settings (or worrying about echoey hallways) necessary – ultrasonic sound sensors measure your room and modify the music accordingly. The Aurora is also able to sync with other Auroras via Wi-Fi for a seamless auditory experience.

The Aurora 3

Attention to detail is what really sounds the death knell for lesser wireless speakers: the Aurora’s Qualcomm 5100 chipset uses Bluetooth 5.0 in conjunction with a Sabre DAC (digital-to-analogue) chip to ensure that you only hear crisp, dynamic sounds free of jitter or distortion.

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Whether you’re partial to Beethoven’s Fifth or just curious why exactly Billie Eilish deserved five Grammys, the Aurora promises you music the way it was meant to be heard in a stylish, sustainable package.

Read more at iFi Audio’s website.