Ferrari 1958 1_8 250 TR

Only 34 models of the legendary Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa were ever built. The race car debuted at the 1957 Le Mans – where it failed to finish – but managed to win at Sebring, a 12-hour race, and the 1,000km Buenos Aires. The following year, the 3.0-litre, V-12 engine equipped TR finished first at Le Mans, repeating the feat in 1960 and 1962.

Once the car was retired from Ferrari’s racing stable, it remained a much sought-after collectors’ item – not only for its distinct look and ferocious speed, but its fabulous history. Most recently in 2014, the only remaining unrestored model was sold for £24 million (S$44 million) to an anonymous buyer.

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Purchasing the iconic Ferrari is difficult, even for intrepid auctioneers. Everybody wants a piece of the action, and there’s only so much to go around.

That’s where Amalgam Collections comes in. The British-based firm’s raison d’etre is simple: to make the best automobile models possible. Meticulous precision and attention-to-detail are the name of the game: as exemplified by their handcrafted 1:8 models of the Ferrari racecar, going for US13,970 (S$19,500) per piece.

Ferrari 1958 1_8 250 TR 2

The actual Lucybelle II was driven by private racer Ed Hugus under the Ferrari banner. One of other Ferrari 250 TRs in the Prancing Horse team went on to win the 1958 Le Mans.

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You’d think that the race-weathered model underwent the arduous 24-hour race in actuality – every detail, down to the grime and scuffing gathered over thousands of kilometres on the track, is astonishing. All on a scale model about 60cm long.

Amalgam achieved this level of accuracy with high-precision digital scanning of the original vehicle and co-operation with the marque’s engineering and design teams vis-a-vis original finishes for the race car, archival imagery and more.

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As a bonus, you also get an archive quality Giclee print of the car in action, selected by the curator of Motorsport Images (think of a Giclee print as an ultra-high resolution Xerox of an artwork).

This replica is perfect for motorheads, and even better for Ferrari aficionados. As of now, there are only two models remaining.

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