Flying Peak Perspective

No. That would be retrogressive. Reducing one’s consumption of meat would have far more impact on helping the environment.

Jennifer Chen
Lynette Koh
Watches & Fashion Editor

Depends. I will consider it the day my number of leave days increases at least tenfold – proportionately, insignificant compared to the time it would take to get to Europe by train (three weeks) instead of by plane (13 hours).

Yes – if I were living in a country where I wouldn’t have to fly to enjoy 16 degree weather.

Goh Wee Tseng
Weets Goh
fazlie hashim
Fazlie Hashim
Art Director

Yes. I try to minimise flying unless circumstances — say, work — call for it. I don’t mind exploring less of the planet if that means more of it can be kept in good health.

 Adeline Wong

No. Especially as travelling (and flying gets you to your destination fastest) and witnessing the sobering effects of climate change elsewhere may actually encourage or strengthen your resolve to go green. It might be more effective than merely skipping plane rides.

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Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash