The Peninsula Hotels, long known and loved throughout Asia for its brand of luxury hospitality, recently launched its first-ever European hotel in Paris – a fitting choice given the City of Light’s association with romance and decadence.

Located off Champs Elysees, the Peninsula Paris opened its doors last August after a four-year, £341 million (S$702.6 million) restoration. Its glorious past dates back to 1908, when it first opened as the Hotel Majestic, housing esteemed guests such as Marcel Proust and Pablo Picasso. Post-war, the building became Unesco’s headquarters in 1946, before finally being used by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to host important events.

Today, the 19th-century classic French building returns to its hotel roots, standing six storeys tall as a modern 200-room establishment. While the facade was left untouched during the facelift, a newly dug-out basement houses a spa, a 20m indoor pool, a fitness centre and a private carpark, among other amenities.

The little touches that distinguish all Peninsula Hotels worldwide can naturally be found here – from the Chinese stone lions flanking the entrance, and the breathtaking lobbies where you enjoy the hotel’s signature Afternoon Tea, to the fleet of Rolls-Royces waiting to take you sightseeing, and the pageboys who help you with your shopping bags.

The guest rooms are billed as the most personalised in the world. Each has an interactive tablet that can be programmed in one of 11 languages, and which is used to do everything from changing TV channels to ordering breakfast. As a thoughtful nod to the fashion pack, each room comes with its own nail polish dryer. Cute.

A night of five-star treatment starts from £800 and can go up to £20,000 for the lavish Peninsula Suite. Hey, let no one say you went to Paris and didn’t fall in love.