Porsche 935 Singapore Motorshow

This weekend’s Singapore Motorshow might be where most car companies make their best-sellers the centre of attention, but for Porsche, the main highlight is a car you can’t buy.

The Porsche 935 is a tribute to the 1978 935/7, an iconic racing car. Porsche only built 77 of the modern version, and every last one was snapped up by a collector, meaning the Motorshow might be your only chance to see a 935.

Each of the rare cars cost at least 701,948 euros (S$1.05 million), excluding taxes. The unit on display at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre is Singapore’s only 935. It belongs to Karsono Kwee, chairman of Eurokars Group, which distributes six car brands in Singapore – Porsche among them.

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Based on the 911 GT2 RS, Porsche’s flagship sports car, the 935 has 700 horsepower, enough to send it to 100km/h in under three seconds.

Like its racing ancestor, the modern 935 features extreme bodywork, with new carbonfibre and kevlar panels that add over 30cm and 15cm to the GT2 RS’s length and width respectively. Its rear wing alone spans a full 1.9 metres, and is probably strong enough for someone to take a nap on.

The bare interior has a single bucket seat and a welded-in roll-cage, and even the brakes and suspension are optimised for the kind of racing slick tyres that aren’t legal for the road. Which is appropriate, because the 935 itself isn’t street-legal.

Porsche is also launching the Cayenne Coupe at the Motorshow, a car that you can not only buy, but drive on the road. Without options or Certificate Of Entitlement, it costs S$360,188. Every collector has to start somewhere.

This article was originally published in The Business Times.

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