Prefab cabin BHC

A holiday home away from home doesn’t necessarily mean that maximum pleasures a la terraces, jacuzzis and home cinemas. Holiday travellers have come to redefine a getaway in terms of wellness – think a quiet journey of rediscovery, over jet skis and boozing galore. That’s where cabins come in, now more accessible than ever thanks to companies that specialise in prefabricated abodes.

These cabins don’t necessarily have to be holiday homes though – they work perfectly fine as cosy home offices tucked away from the family. After this extended work-from-home period, most of us have come to determine whether veiled threats at the lunch table and a locked door are enough to get some peace and quiet during working hours (read: they aren’t).

Granted, the get-away-from-it-all effectiveness of these cabins depends heavily on you. Most of these are designed with sustainability and low maintenance living in mind: though if you’re carting in a 146 inch ultra-high definition 4K screen and home sound system, that’s okay too.

Take Zerocabin for instance. Unlike others in the list, Zerocabin isn’t looking to make a statement about prefabricated architecture (though it arguably still is) – instead, they’ve pioneered 100 per cent off-grid living solutions.

Prefab cabin Zerocabin

Styled as a tree-house that works like a tree, every Zerocabin is designed for self-sufficiency in terms of water, electricity and sewage. Its systems are intuitive and come with a maintenance manual for true autarkic bliss. It goes without saying that Zerocabins are made out of sustainable materials, and installation will be done in a minimally-impactful manner. All said, it doesn’t mean your house will look like a box with a solar panel slapped on top – the company’s turnkey service is to design your dream abode with a focus on keeping it self-sufficient and most importantly, perpetually liveable.

These are the other prefabricated cabins that best encapsulate luxuriant comfort, rustic beauty and pure sustainability – a perfect addition to a remote holiday home or as an annex for work-from-home privacy.