If yachts are built for entertaining, then an on-board private IMAX theatre for 24 guests would surely make you the host with the most. Luxury-yacht designer Ken Freivokh, in collaboration with AV-solutions provider Yacht Intelligence and IMAX, will be building a high-tech media room for a 150m-long superyacht.

When the 300-million-euro (S$490-million) project is completed in 2018, it will feature the Nemo Room – the world’s first IMAX theatre on a superyacht, offering premium cinema experiences, gaming, video conferencing and screenings of underwater CCTV images from outside the yacht.

To create the seamless surround-screen effect IMAX is known for, the Nemo Room will be built into the hull, and guests will enter through sliding walls instead of doors. “There are strict dimensional requirements to achieve the total immersion experience that qualifies an installation as a proper IMAX cinema,” explains Freivokh.

If you’re going to spend half a billion dollars on a boat, why not another US$2.5 million (S$3 million) to US$3 million for a top-notch cinema experience? Those nights at sea can be awfully quiet.

What Floats Your Boat?


The 60m J’Ade is the world’s first mega yacht to boast a floodable garage, an innovation that allows its billionaire owner to easily access his 8m speedboat without a tender lift. The bay can also be transformed into an ocean pool, which is kind of handy, since there’s a beach club built right next to the garage.

Free At Sea


For anyone who dreads going sailing with the in-laws, there’s the concept of the 77m X R-Evolution, which features a main vessel and several modular “bungalows” which can be detached and anchored freely. Each vessel can be customised to suit your heart’s desire, whether it’s a swimming pool, floating garden or, yes, a granny flat.