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Rare Ferrari F40 to go under the hammer at Concours D’Elegance

It's not every day a Classiche-certified Ferrari F40 comes up for sale.

The romance and the special occasion may get the better of buyers at this year’s event, as not only is this year the 30th anniversary of the F40, but it’s also the 70th anniversary of Ferrari itself.

It’s not out of the ordinary for tinkered-with examples of the F40 to come up for sale after being rebuilt following an accident, but this one is a genuine classic. The car going under the hammer on September 2 is a Classiche certified, non-cat, non-adjust, sliding-windows example of the F40, so it’s about as authentic as these 1980s classic supercars get these days.

Don’t bank on getting yourself a pre-owned bargain though, as the F40 is listed in the catalogue with an estimate between £875,000 (S$1,534,000) to £975,000 (S$1,710,000).

The models most sought after by enthusiasts are the most authentic, race-bred versions, with none of the ‘options’ such as catalytic converters, adjustable suspension or winding windows.

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This stunning 1989 example of the classic Ferrari underwent an arduous and detailed €300,000 (S$480,000) restoration by Carrozzeria Zanasi back in 2016, which led to Classiche certification being granted by the Ferrari factory.

No less than seventy of the world’s finest classic and sports cars are scheduled to go under the hammer at Salon Privé, which is a glamorous Concours D’Elegance and garden party held against the regal backdrop of Blenheim Palace. But the Ferrari will be the star of the show.

The occasion will be entirely fitting for the sale of the classic F40, as the Salon Privé Concours Masters competition will have a tribute to 70 years of Ferrari as a feature of the day.

Harry Whale, the operations manager at Silverstone Auctions, said of the car, “All F40s are desirable and normally well presented, but very rarely a car such as this comes to market with the kind of fastidious attention to detail that will impress the most hardened enthusiast. It’s a remarkable car, and it’s certain to turn heads.”

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