Among the horde of sleek and chic boats docked at ONE°15 Marina Club at this year’s Singapore Yacht Show, one stood out brightly, thanks to its 70m size and fuchsia horse plastered on the boat’s port and starboard.

Named after the steed that Tang Dynasty emperor Taizong rode into battle, its design incorporates numerous oriental elements, from handrails shaped like bamboo poles to the warhorse itself. Yet, the overall feel is that of a contemporary beach house, courtesy of Miami-based interior designer Luiz de Basto. It offers 16 cabins and over 1,650 sqm spread over five decks

There is no lack of activities for guests at sea, what with jet skis and glass-bottomed kayaks. Asian guests, however, may want to hit up the mahjong table or karaoke machine.

The Saluzi is available for charter at US$480,000 (S$634,000) per week from Yachtzoo, and is permanently based in Asia.