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Rolls-Royce rolls out ritzy member’s club

The luxury marque’s exclusive app – christened Whispers – is a bold step forward for the 116-year-old brand in a digital world.

First floated two years ago during its beta testing, Whispers has now been officially launched in Europe, the UK, the Middle East and the US.

It caters to Rolls-Royce’s lofty clientele – ‘individuals untethered by common constraints such as time and money’, the announcement declares – anyone who owns a newly-purchased Rolls-Royce, thereby granting them entry into the exclusive group.

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Whispers connects these individuals to unique opportunities: whether they’re auteurs, aesthetes or adventurers. Private concierges and airport transfers, Rolls-Royce says, are out. What’s in are transformative experiences that only Whispers members have access to.

Whether it’s an expedition to Antarctica, backstage access at the Grammys, or a chance to craft your own cognac, expect tailored opportunities from a fantastic world only Whispers members can enter.

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As a bonus, members will get a peek behind the curtain: an intimate dinner on the production line of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England, and world’s first previews to new developments by the brand.

Rolls-Royce and bespoke luxury go hand-in-hand, which is why we think Whispers is the digital answer to sift through the chaff online and bring rarified journeys straight to its clients.

The app is the latest in a trend to cater to the experience economy – forgoing material possessions for unforgettable journeys – that has come to the forefront this century. Prada Mode, a travelling invitation-only art and music experience by the Milanese brand, was launched in Paris in January.

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Letting some behind the velvet ropes has become luxury’s next logical step, and Rolls-Royce is leading the charge for auto-manufacturers.

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