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Eight hand salves, moisturisers and creams for soft, supple hands even after much washing

Frequent washing and sanitising is drying out your hands. The Peak offers up some moisturising solutions for him and for her.

Washing hands regularly and repeated applications of alcohol-based hand sanitisers is drying your skin out – there’s no question about it. However, it’s also one of the most effective ways to keep safe from the coronavirus, so there’s no getting around it either. But we have to moisturise. Here’s why.

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When washing our hands thoroughly with soap and water multiple times a day, we aren’t just keeping our hands germ-free.It rinses off grime and microbes, but also strips away the natural layer of oil, known as sebum, that protects our skin. Over time, this leads to dry, cracked skin.

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It’s bad for our looks, sure. But there’s more: fissures that form on cracked skin provide an entryway for germs – so make revitalising the skin on your hands an integral part of your routine. Here’s our top hand moisturisers, creams and salves that’ll keep your hands as soft as a baby, letting you wash away with aplomb.

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Hand Creams For Him

  • Moisturising Hand Cream Kiehl's


    The 169-year-old apothecary offers the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve: “formulated for the driest, most active hands” reads the blurb. It’s all about heavy-duty care that’ll last the whole day. Heavy industrial work, manual labour and harsh elements? This rigorous salve takes it all in stride, thanks to avocado and sesame oil. Both are emollient, moisturising oils rich in vitamins. Botanicals and olive oil bolster the hand salve to create a bulwark against the elements that seal in moisture.

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    Image courtesy of Kiehl's.

Hand Creams For Her

  • Moisturising Hand Cream Sisley


    The Parisian beauty brand launched Sisleya in 1999 with one goal: to turn back time. For your skin that is. Its uniquely formulated Hand Care Anti-Aging Concentrate doesn’t just moisturise and protect your mitts. A trifecta of skin evening hexyl resorcinol and anti-free radical agents vitamin E acetate and buckweed seed extract combat the emergence of dark spots. The silky-smooth balm isn’t greasy and leaves a velvety finish on plumper, firmer skin.

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    Image courtesy of Sisley.