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Shine bright like a Lazare diamond

For almost three decades, Larry Jewelry has been Singapore’s exclusive purveyor of The Lazare diamond, the world’s most beautiful diamond.

Since time immemorial, women everywhere have clung to the notion that the 4Cs must align when looking for the perfect diamond – cut, color, clarity, and carat-weight. However, to the people at diamond manufacturing company Lazare Kaplan International (LKI), the beauty of a diamond comes down to only one factor: its cut.

Back in 1919, LKI’s founder Lazare Kaplan went on a quest to create the world’s most brilliant and beautiful diamond. His mathematician cousin Marcel Tolkowsky presented him with a treatise, proposing that when a diamond’s different facets are cut to precise, predetermined angles and proportions, the light entering a diamond can be controlled and directed to exit the diamond from the top, thus appearing even brighter to the human eye. However, in the process of achieving maximum brilliance, more of the rough diamond would have to be cut away, resulting in a smaller polished diamond. Kaplan took the risk that the consumers of the day would pay more for beauty than for weight, and thus, The Lazare Ideal-Cut Diamond was born.

  • Lazare white gold diamond bangle.

The Lazare Ideal-Cut diamond is a product of incredible precision, and possesses the optimal balance of scintillation, brilliance, and fire, the three optical properties which contribute to a diamond’s beauty which are the most coveted characteristics in a diamond. Many other ideal-cut diamonds exist today, but they are not cut to The Lazare’s stringent standards. Lazare diamonds feature a faceted girdle for added beauty, as well as a laser inscription with the brand logo and identification number for every diamond 0.18 carat and larger.

While The Lazare diamond has been around for almost 100 years, it was only on Nov 23, 1989 that a partnership was forged to bring the brand to South-east Asia. Larry Jewelry, a household name that stands for quality and excellence, became the proud exclusive distributor for Lazare in Singapore. The partnership has gone strong for 30 years, and together they look forward to a bright future bringing the world’s most beautiful diamond to their deserving clientele.