A single Ghost Series II sporting the nation’s colours (English White and Consort Red in the Rolls-Royce palette) in boh interior and exterior elements was unveiled in Singapore this week.

SG50 Ghost SII (15)

A coachline incorporating a hand-painted Merlion motif runs along its flanks.

SG50 Ghost SII (3)

It also took no less than 15,080 stitches and multiple stitching styles to make up the bespoke Merlion headrests.

SG50 Ghost SII (19)
The treadplates have received special treatment as well, featuring a highly-detailed interpretation of Singapore’s iconic skyline.

SG50 Ghost SII (20)

The unique car has since been sold to an undisclosed Singaporean (and for an undisclosed price – we checked!), but it wouldn’t be hard to recognise the one-of-a-kind model on the road. A representative shares that a baseline Ghost Series II will cost at least $1.25 million. Collectors can perhaps stand by for a SG75 or SG100 model.