Luxury safari lodge operator Singita has been championing conservation in Africa for close to three decades now, operating 15 — and counting — sites across the continent for the well- heeled traveller while channelling resources into protecting biodiversity and empowering local communities.

A stay at a Singita property is usually completed with a visit to a boutique and gallery found at most of its lodges, where visitors can find lifestyle items inspired by the safari aesthetic. These are not just a gift shop though. Visitors can find everything from furniture and apparel to bar tools and works of art.

The brand recently took the next step and opened an online store with an exclusive selection curated in collaboration with long-time design partners Cecile & Boyd of Cape Town. Many of the items in the store are made by artists and craftsmen from communities living on the outskirts of Singita’s various lodges.

Dress your home with traditional crafts such as a handwoven feather and raffia hat from the Juju Pygmy tribe or decorative, hand-carved beaded shields from the Tikar Tribe in Cameroon. The proceeds from the sale of some of these items go towards boosting the local economies.

In line with Singita’s ultra-exclusive branding, the shopping experience at the online store entails more than just filling up a little virtual cart. It is always on standby to provide personalised service such as recommendations, shipping quotes and even additional information, which is exactly the kind of service you’d get in a physical Singita store. All that’s needed are the sounds of the plains to complete the experience.

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